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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 3 - Trapped Monkey
Monkeys in the KL Bird Park? Well, actually, they were outside the aviary and in the realm of the surrounding Lake Gardens. Whilst walking around, we saw some movement at the edge of the bird park, away from the path and after wandering over, found a clan of monkeys hovering around the aviary wall.


They seemed to be wild monkeys, of the Long Tailed Macaque type. And below is the reason why they were there.

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 2 - Chick Nursery
One of the minor but superb attractions at the KL Bird Park was the egg incubation room and nursery. Part of the facility could only be seen behind glass, whereby there were cages housing infant birds including a young hornbill. But the nursery contained two open-topped trays of chicks and ducklings.


Nothing unusual about that I hear you say. But the fact is that every other zoo or animal facility I've ever been to never allowed unsupervised public access to actually touch and lift the young animals. I guess the Malaysians must be very trustworthy!

Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 1 - Worlds Largest Free-Flight Walk-In Aviary
Dropping into the Kuala Lumpur Bird Park was exactly like walking into a massive bird cage, as that was what we were doing. Well, actually split between several massive bird cages, which is understandable considering some the birds were carnivores.


We wanted to visit something in the sprawling 92 hectare Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur and the KL Bird Park sounded like an appealing oasis of nature. Coming from a distance away outside the gardens, we actually caught a taxi which dropped us nearby the bird park as we wanted to wander within the gardens for a while.

Kuala Lumpur Streets and Little India
Taking to the streets of Kuala Lumpur, Linh and I loosely followed a walking tour from our guide book, conveniently beginning near our hotel at Medan Tuanku. We spotted this "Malaysia" mural below, but it was actually near the Petronas Twin Towers rather than on the tour.


The view from our hotel room.

Flower Lamp Posts of Kuala Lumpur
During our walking tour from our Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei Lonely Planet Country Guide book, through Colonial Kuala Lumpur, we saw these cool looking lamp posts.


Though nothing short of a War of the Worlds martian tripod can disguise those protruding lamps, the addition of the petals and leaves goes some way towards integrating them with the surroundings. That's more obvious when seeing the posts amongst all the other greenery nearby.

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