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Sungei Wang Plaza’s Hidden Food Court

We found ourselves at one of Kuala Lumpur's many shopping malls, the Sungei Wang Plaza. There wasn't any particular reason for going, but after wandering around the rabbit warren of shopping aisles, we tried to find the signposted food court.


The strange thing was that the place was listed as being on the fourth floor and we actually found ourselves on the third floor taking an escalator up to the roof, where there was a massive car park.


To cut a long story short, the roof was a combination of open air and covered car park, but part of the covered bit, behind enclosing walls, concealed the advertised food court in question. Groan.

Anyway, luxurious it weren't, but the food court was pretty big. Though it clearly wasn't peak hour, there were still plenty of diners and so we wandered around the stalls along the walls to choose our meal.



We ended up at this place which basically displays everything you can get on a massive long table. The chap behind the table gave us a plate of rice each and then we could spoon over as much as we liked from the table to accompany our rice.


Most of the dishes were repeated along the table, but the variety was there, mixing meat and seafood with vegetables. After choosing, we just showed our plates to a seated woman further behind the table who made a rough calculation and stated the price (which was very cheap - typically for Malaysia!)


It was difficult to outline exactly what we put on our plates, but aside from the obvious vegetables, we chose a mixture of bbq pork, tofu, chicken wings and curry, amongst other foods. I've no doubt that probably part of the selection was vegetarian (mock-meat) too.

The Sungei Wang website

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