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Malacca Maritime Museum and Naval Museum

Located along Jalan Quayside, we couldn't miss the Maritime Museum contained in a replica of the Flor de la Mar, a Portuguese vessel that sank off the Malacca coast while trying to transport Malaysian treasures back to Europe.


We popped into the Naval Museum first however, which is in a block next to the ship. We actually entered through a side gate not realising there was ticket booth and main entrance to consider!

We had to take off our shoes (flip flops) to walk around the Naval Museum which was a little strange at first, but actually quite liberating due to the air conditioned contrast to the extra hot climate outside.


The museum was fairly interesting, taking visitors around a route through exhibits detailing historic personalities, sea life around Malaysia and different local vessels such as the following Kepala Burung, a boat carved liked a feathered bird.


There were also different objects and nautical devices to examine.



At first, we thought the ship was well, just a ship that visitors could clamber over. However, it turned out to contain several floors inside with exhibits tracing the history of Malacca from the Sultanate in the 14th century to the pre-independence era.


Inside the Maritime Museum there were more models of ships, authentic maps, old iron chests, bronze sculptures and charts.







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