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Kuala Lumpur River Lizard Eats Catfish

Being a city boy, I got rather ashamedly excited in Kuala Lumpur when we spotted a monitor lizard in the river just outside Tun Sambanthan monorail station. We were on the way back from Thean Hou Temple when we spotted this fella - can you make him out in the photos below?


In the photo above, he had just crawled out of the river and had dumped that massive catfish on the ground in front of him. In the photo below, you can see the catfish already halfway down his throat!



With the catfish swallowed whole, the lizard then proceeded to cross the little patch of water off the main river and down a hole which I presumed was his lair, to sleep off his meal.


We had already caught sight of a number of lizards - the closest encounter being one a few metres in front of us during a forest walk on Pulau Tioman. We had seen a few in the river in Malacca but at the time just saw their heads (and tongues) and thought they were snakes.

With our expressions set in wonder, I could only imagine the locals rolling their eyes at yet another city tourist who had never seen nature at work.

Meanwhile, nearby the river, here is nature at work on the edge of the bridge, giving some urban texture.


And a random building we passed. I think it was a school.


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