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Kuala Lumpur Bird Park Part 4 - Ostrich Feeding

The Kuala Lumpur Bird Park was superb for a number of reasons least of all for something as simple as leaving out a basket of veggies. Yes, we had come to the ostrich enclosure for feeding time!


We had to walk into a cage room which was right next to the ostriches. There was a large, full basket of green leaves on a table in the middle - of course out of reach of the long-necked birds. There weren't any keepers around so we assumed the best of the situation and started feeding the leaves to the ostriches!

I was surprised that there were any leaves left at all in the first place, considering how fast it was disappearing down the ostrich throats. But then again, we might have got there just after a basket delivery.


Incidently, ostriches don't have any teeth so they actually swallow pebbles and stones to help grind the food down for digestion. They also don't need to drink much since they get most of their moisture from their food.

More photos from the KL Bird Park on Flickr.

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