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Ha Long Bay Part 3 - Dau Go Cave

The entrance to Dau Go cave, in contrast to the narrow opening of Thien Cung, is much wider, allowing lots of natural light to flood into the opening chamber of the cave. There are three chambers with the outer one having the most spectacular stalagmites and stalactites with some as tall as 20 metres.


Dau Go cave is not as colourfully lit as Thien Cung cave (thank god!) with a much more muted palette consisting of naturally lit earthy rocks and warm illuminations from the bulbs in the inner chambers. It was also discovered much earlier than Thien Cung.


From Ha Long Bay Boat:

The name, Dau Go or Giau Go, has direct ties to the history of Vietnam. According to the locals, while preparing for the Mongolian attacks in 1288, general Tran Hung Dao, sent a convoy to this area to cut wood from this region.

Wooden stakes were then fashioned from the wood and hidden in Dau Go cave. The stakes were embedded in Bach Dang river to form a barrier against the attacking Mongols. According to legend, general Tran Hung Dao dealt a great blow to the Kublai Khan when he tricked the Mongolian army into chasing him deep up Bach Dang's channel. When the tide were down the enemies were stuck in these wooden stakes driven into the river bed. Dau Go was also the site where general Tran Khan Du hid his force while waiting for the Mongols led by Truong Van Ho in 1287.


Exploring Dau Go cave, we follow a wooden constructed path that takes us through into the inner chamber, then back out again. Our guide highlights some of the giant stone formations which supposedly resemble human forms and are the various keepers or guardians of Dau Go cave.


Dau Go is probably the most famous of all grottoes in Ha Long. Since its discovery, many Vietnamese dignitaries have visited Dau Go cave. In 1929, King Khai Dinh (Nguyen dynasty) visited Dau Go cave and was awed by its beauty. His praise in writing is carved on a stone stele at the entrance of the cave.



Here's a little video of Dau Go Cave.

More photos of Dau Go cave on Flickr

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