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Famous Beef Parcels and Islam Food in Kowloon City

Kowloon City was on our list to visit in Hong Kong, but we just hadn't got around to it since it's less accessible without an MTR station nearby. We've since found out we can get a direct bus (75x) from Tai Po in the New Territories - where we're living.


However, Mr. Chan invited us to dinner there and drove, which made it all the more convenient.

Islam Food in Kowloon City

He took his family and us to an apparently well-known restaurant called Islam Food. It's decor looks like a more upmarket char chan teng, though we're here for the food, so the basic but fairly clean interior reassures us. The place is packed anyway though we didn't have to wait too long for a table to ourselves (rather than share with another group).



The Famous Beef Parcels

Islam Food is famous for "beef parcels" so a plate of these were ordered as well as a selection of noodle and curry dishes. We started with a small but quick curry dish with white rice before the parcels arrived.


Trying the beef parcels was akin to biting through Shanghai dumplings since the savoury outside holds minced beef inside together with a fair few spoonfuls of sauce. These beef parcels are a little salty but still delicious. They were best eaten with other dishes to balance out the taste.


Beautifully Presented Yin Yang Dish

Our variety of other dishes included some thick noodles and a noodle soup dish, a chicken pot with meat and vegetables in a light soup and some rolls and bread. We also destroyed this beautifully presented yin-yang dish soon after I took these snaps.


Kowloon City wander

Taking a wander around Kowloon City after dinner was pretty pleasant since the streets just resemble a quieter and more relaxing Tsim Sha Tsui - more agreeable with a full stomach.


In the future, Linh and I intend to return to Kowloon City. There were lots more restaurants to try, most of which are South East Asian, though the area is famous for its mix of international cuisine. Visiting during the day will also allow us to check out the Kowloon Walled City Park.

The Islam Food Restaurant have a website, although it just seems to be in Chinese. There are two branches in Kowloon City - one at 1 Lung Kong Road and the other at 33-35 Tak Ku Ling Road.


For more photos, check out the Islam Food in Kowloon City Flickr set

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